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We are the creators of 100’s of formulations that can be purchased with a Class 1 Fire rating.  Forever Bond ™ is a pure polyurea industrial coating that can be used for general purposes or customized for virtually any environment.  We can adjust the hardness, elongation and cure rate for any application.   We will meet and exceed your requirements!

Forever Bond ™ , a Class 1 Fire rated Pure polyurea!
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Steel Sheet Pile and Sound Barriers

Forever Bond™ pure polyurea will expand the useful life of barrier walls to an estimated 30-40 years.

With the integration of OEM application of Forever Bond™ formulations, barrier walls will see immediate savings in future maintenance and replacement.


TV and Movie Sets

With set and production costs increasing, sets and scene structures are being made of structural foam.

Fast, Economical Construction

Forever Bond™ pure polyurea formulas have been chosen to meet the demanding requirements of set designers for flexible layouts and multiple-use durability.


Marine and Dry Dock Facilities

Our unique Marine formulation will out perform current decking and hull refurbishing products.

High Performance Marine Coating

Hull formulations are centered around the unique high performance properties of Forever Bond™ Marine and are in a class of its own.


Oil, Gas, and Chemical Facilities

With a vast number of formula choices, virtually every stage of the oil production environment can be addressed with Forever Bond polyurea.

Drilling Rig and Refinery Maintenance

Forever Bond™ is a high performance coating with unique properties formulated with high performance qualities of, abrasion resistance, flexibility and durability.


Architectural Shapes and Signage

Any type of custom architectural element, or commercial signage can be coated with Forever Bond to give it a durable, weatherproof surface.

Residential or Commercial

Any type of custom architectural element, commercial signage, moldings, building facades, or custom decorations.

Forever Bond™ delivers a high performance finish coat that is extremely strong, waterproof and termite-proof.


SPF Roofing

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is has gained wide acceptance and popularity as an efficient and economical method of roofing technology.

Advanced Insulation Performance

The superior performance of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is easily demonstrated on thousands of structures across the country.

The Possibilities With Forever Bond™ Are Endless

Forever Bond™ Pure Polyurea provides an abrasive and chemical resistant, monolithic membrane which will cure in seconds.
It’s a two-component, aromatic polyurea spray elastomer, with consistent cure response regardless of temperature and humidity variations.

  • Can be used on interior or exterior surfaces over styrofoam, wood, steel, drywall, or concrete .

  • Superior abrasive, corrosive, and chemical resistance.

  • Forever Bond™ pure polyurea is 100% green with no VOCs!

  • One Step Process using NACE guidelines - No costly primer required!

Proud Member of NACE International!

  • Corrosion Research

    World’s largest organization dedicated to the study of corrosion.

  • Global Voice

     NACE International is the global voice of the corrosion control and prevention industry.

Forever Bond™ Is Like The Swiss Army Knife For Specialized Coatings!

           All Forever Bond™ products are 100% solids with NO VOC’s.

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