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Forever Bond™ for architectural applications is the choice for amusement/ theme parks, casinos, Mardi Gras floats structures, building signage, towers, and any architectural elements in general. To date, a large portion of the LLC’s sales have been to the architectural shapes, signs, exterior, and interior moldings industries where code approval was not required.

Coatings International, L.L.C. was chosen in this market due to the ability to specifically tailor formulations to meet the needs of the client, unlike other coating providers who do not have the technical expertise of fine tuning their chemistry. The company’s slow reacting formulas have allowed customers in this category to consistently produce smooth, glass-like surfaces, which have been unobtainable with polyurethane coatings.

Additionally, the ability to apply a coating without a primer in any weather provides these customers immediate savings over their present coating system. Forever Bond™ provides an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) structure with amazing strength and encapsulation properties and can be applied in a one-coat process with no primers. By use of a simple spray technique a “stucco look” finish may be produced for even greater savings in finishing.

Our clients require coating properties that are abrasion resistant, impact and chipping resistant, maintenance-free, provide protection against moisture, is shrink proof, weather-proof and has rapid cure times. Forever Bond™ products are essentially a perfect solution for this industry.

Forever Bond™ has been used for years as an undercoating on foam for strengthening and permanent protection of foam core shapes, signs and other designs with thin edges
and vulnerable weaknesses easily abused.


Denyse Sign Company in Atlanta has used our coating formulations exclusively for years. Commonly known in the industry as a “hardcoat” for foam creations.

We just got these designs for a Coi Pond. Their head designer built these fish figures from foam and coated them with Forever Bond™. He then painted and installed them at his home. We have sign creations that have been in the environment at church entrances, apartment complexes as well as large office complexes for over 25 years in the Atlanta area.

Visit our TechData page for downloadable specifications and comparison charts..

  • Forever Bond™

    Forever Bond™ is a two-component, aromatic polyurea spray elastomer. This 100% solids, NON VOC, plural spray system
    provides an abrasive and chemical resistant, monolithic membrane which will cure in seconds. High film builds can be
    obtained in a single application.

  • Styrofoam and Wood

    Styrofoam or wood forms will be greatly enhanced. With Forever Bond’s more elastic cross linked
    structural properties, it is possible for the coating itself to bond with the material to form a tough, waterproof coating.

  • The Clear Choice

    Current and historical testing of product formulations exhibit superior characteristics for elongation, durability, abrasion resistance,
    cure times and ease of application making Forever Bond™ a clear choice to be used for architectural shapes and sign construction.

All of our products are specifically tailored to meet customer applications.

   Keep it Clean, Go Green!
Forever Bond™ has no VOCs.