Oil, Gas, and Chemical Facilities

Chemical and Processing Plants of all kinds can benefit from the corrosion control and chemical resistance properties of Forever Bond™.

Specifically, Forever Bond™ is an excellent solution to degrading concrete due to chemical exposure.

Tank farms and retention areas where potential chemical spill exposure is a possibility, and acidic environments in processing plants can all benefit with Forever Bond™ treatment.

Recent examples are:  Mining plant where acidic environments are created due to the processing of silica products. Forever Bond™ was used to coat the steel frames of the machines (which had to be previously painted or coated every year).  It has now been 5 years since these frames were coated and no rust of other corrosion is evident.

The chemical plants are now in the process of using Forever Bond to coat the walls of the plants themselves as they are all made of steel as well. Forever Bond™ may be applied to prepped, clean dry surfaces. There is NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE PRIMERS.

At another hazardous chemical site, the plant has used Forever Bond™ to coat the areas used to unload the hazardous chemicals and the surrounding drainage areas. Also, under all the distillation towers and connecting areas to the storage tanks. The tank farm areas and some tanks themselves have also been coated for corrosion control.

At this plant, we also coated a parking area for semi-trucks to load and off load materials. The trucks have been on Forever Bond™ for over 4 years in this area. There is no sign of any problem areas.

Forever Bond™ is here as a Green answer to the hazardous material and corrosive nature of plants that experience these problems every day. Please review the chemical resistance of Forever Bond™ on our specification chart here.

Additional information may be viewed on our TechData page.

  • Forever Bond™

    We have developed formulations and systems that will expand the useful life of pipelines and refinery facilities to an estimated 30-40 years. With the
    integration of OEM application of Forever Bond™ formulations, the oil and gas industry will see immediate savings in future maintenance
    and replacement.

  • Iron and Steel

    Pipelines and major components of oil and gas facilities are currently made of iron, steel or other metals, and will be greatly enhanced with Forever Bond’s more elastic cross linked structural properties.  And with pipelines, it is possible for the coating itself to temporarily replace the degraded pipe until replacement is completed.

  • The Clear Choice

    Current and historical testing of product formulations exhibit superior characteristics for elongation, durability, abrasion resistance,
    cure times and ease of application making Forever Bond™ a clear choice to be used in the oil and gas industry as well as water
    transport and environmentally exposed lines.

All of our products are specifically tailored to meet customer applications.

   Keep it Clean, Go Green!
Forever Bond™ has no VOCs.