Steel Sheet Piling and Highway Sound Barriers

multi color textured sound barrier wall

Steel Sheet Pile Construction

The industry standard has been the use of cold tar epoxy.  Please see the comparison of Cold tar epoxy vs Forever Bond™ HERE.

Forever Bond™ is GREEN, NO VOCS., dependable cure times ( no waiting days for epoxy to dry due to weather)

Corrugated steel in sheet pile construction used to shore up waterways, erosion control, earth retention, and bridges is the latest application of our Pure Polyurea.  Forever Bond™ is a welcomed replacement to the old style cold tar epoxy.  Forever Bond™ is a unique chemistry that is a result of a two-part system reacting in a chemical process producing a product that is not effected by heat or moisture.  The formulations react and start the curing process in 10 seconds, allowing units being sprayed to be stackable in 30 min.  This factor is hugely important when compared to epoxy that requires special conditions and much more time to maximize curing.

Forever Bond™ also has special chemical resistance properties.  Check it out  HERE.  Coal Tar epoxies have been the standard for years on corrugated metal.  Tough abrasion and tensile strength of Forever Bond™, as well as elongation properties outperform cold tar epoxy.  By nature cold tar epoxy, is very messy and hard to apply, punctuated by slow cure rates, and eventual cracking, which has been the norm.  Forever Bond™ will change the landscape for this type of application.  Please see the comparison between Forever Bond and Cold Tar epoxy HERE.

We have specs for Forever Bond™ as applied to steel, HERE.

Highway Sound Barrier Walls

Forever Bond™ pure polyurea coating as applied to a core of foam will satisfy the sound decibel requirements for highway sound barrier walls, as well as stand up to everyday hazards. Tough abrasion properties as well as tensile strength and elongation make Forever Bond™ an excellent choice.

Forever Bond™ is a unique chemistry that results in the two-part system reacting in a chemical process producing a product that is not effected by heat or moisture. The formulations react and start the curing process in 10 seconds, allowing stackable units in 30 min.

Forever Bond™ has unique chemical resistance properties as well. See them HERE.  For additional information, download the Chemical Resistance Chart and read more on our Resources page.

Forever Bond™ may be sprayed to resemble a stucco product without the application of a cementous product. However, with a simple primer, cementous products may be applied and any look can be achieved. Most customers apply Forever Bond™ to look like stucco, then simply apply a durable outdoor paint to match whatever paint pallet that may be needed for the project. This affords great flexibility at a lower cost.

Forever Bond™ may be also used on foam with custom shapes and art work in the foam panels.  Specs are also available for Forever Bond™ on foam on our Resources page.

  • Forever Bond™

    Forever Bond™ is a two-component, aromatic polyurea spray elastomer. This is a 100% solids, NON VOC, plural spray system that provides an abrasive and chemical resistant, monolithic membrane which can be formulated to cure in seconds.

  • Styrofoam and Steel

    Structures or shapes of any kind made of styrofoam or steel will be greatly enhanced. With Forever Bond’s more elastic cross linked
    structural properties, it is possible for the coating itself to completely bond with the material to form a tough, waterproof coating.

  • The Clear Choice

    Current and historical testing of product formulations exhibit superior characteristics for elongation, durability, abrasion resistance,
    cure times and ease of application making Forever Bond™ a clear choice to be used for Sheet Pile walls and commercial Sound Barriers.

All of our products are specifically tailored to meet customer applications.

   Keep it Clean, Go Green!
Forever Bond™ has no VOCs.