Forever Bond™ Technical Data and Testing Information

  • Adhesion Properties

    Adobe PDF LOGOVarious materials such as steel, concrete block, concrete pavers, and aluminum are discussed.

  • Chemical Resistance

    Adobe PDF LOGOThirty-four chemicals are used for testing their effects on Forever Bond™.

  • Forever Bond™ vs EIFS

    Adobe PDF LOGO A graphical comparison of the overall material costs of the Forever Bond™ Finish System.

  • Pure Polyurea vs Hybrids

    Adobe PDF LOGOComparisons of the characteristics and advantages of pure polyurea vs hybrids.

  • Forever Bond™ Description

    Adobe PDF LOGODetailed Forever Bond™ description with tables on various product properties.

  • Forever Bond™ Coverage

    Adobe PDF LOGOCoating coverage in square feet per gallon and for 1mil thickness.

  • Forever Bond™ MSDS-A

    Adobe PDF LOGOForever Bond™ material safety data sheet with composition and hazards.

  • Forever Bond™ MSDS-B

    Adobe PDF LOGOForever Bond™ material safety data sheet with composition and hazards for part B.

  • SPF Roofing Technology

    Adobe PDF LOGOChart on major factors to consider an SPF roof over other systems and technologies.

  • Polyaspartic/Polyurea vs Coal Tar Epoxy

    Adobe PDF LOGOClear advantages of Forever Bond™ are charted out in this document.

  • Forever Bond™ 50-570-10 Description

    Adobe PDF LOGODetailed descriptions of features, typical uses, and application conditions.

  • Florida Hurricane and Fire/Flame Test Report

    Adobe PDF LOGOTest Results from the Florida Hurricane and Fire analysis.

  • Forever Bond™ Burn Test

    Adobe PDF LOGO   Surface flammability test in accordance with ASTM standard E84-17a.

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This list of technical documents will provide you with more detailed information about Forever Bond™ product characteristics and testing.

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