Our Technology and Company Management

Coatings International offers a broad range of specialty polyurea coatings that can be customized to suit specific application requirements.   Our products provide an easy solution for contractors, engineers, and fabricators meet or exceed industry standards for specialty coatings.

Ronnie Cail, CEO, and Wayne Bean, CTO, are principle founders who together have developed advanced, proprietary formulations of polyurea products.   Wayne brings over 30 years of research and development in the polyurea field with a rich knowledge of customization processes and formulation technology.

With over 30 years of experience and over $600,000 in research and development under our belt we are confident that we can produce a product to meet your application demands.   Additionally, we control the design and manufacture of our products to ensure the most stringent specific physical properties are achieved.

We are very proud to join the growing movement toward green, environmentally safe products, which are evident in our products today as they are 100% solids with zero VOCs.  Our products feature very fast cure times, one-coat custom thickness application, and are easily sprayed on using widely available, industry standard equipment.   We work hard to provide the very best customer service possible. We are committed to our customer’s success and will work with you to ensure that the product formulation and application is right for the job from start to finish.

Our highly trained experts are available to offer guidance and professional advice to ensure optimum productivity and maximize profitability.

For more information regarding our specialty polyurea coating products, please contact us here:

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