SPF Roofing

SPF Roofing Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is one of the fastest growing markets in roofing today.

However, the foam needs a coating that will perform in the environments of the world. There are choices such as silicone or roofing paints. These systems must be re-done every 5-7 years.

Coatings International, LLC has developed a PURE POLYUREA coating that is GREEN and cures in as little as 10 seconds. Hardness is a shore D of 55 and elongation at 570%. These stats exceed all industry requirements. Forever Bond™ also has a Class A Fire Rating.  Once applied, there is no need for further attention.

Forever Bond™ is UV sensitive, as to color only.  Environmental elements will not degrade the chemistry of Forever Bond™.

Many of our customers are using Forever Bond™ for metal roofs, as well as current built up roofs and new SPF foam. It is a known fact that a proper roof system will not only provide protection while you own the building but will be a great selling tool when it comes time to sell. Using Forever Bond™ will be the best choice for your project or to re-work a current roofing system.

It is estimated that a coating of Forever Bond™ will last up to 30 years or longer, due to the unique chemical properties of Forever Bond™.

Please refer to the Resources Page for further information as to the properties, chemical resistance and coverage statistics.

All of our products are specifically tailored to meet customer applications.

  • Forever Bond™

    Forever Bond™ is a two-component, aromatic polyurea spray elastomer. This 100% solids, NON VOC, plural spray system
    provides an abrasive and chemical resistant, monolithic membrane which will cure in seconds. High film builds can be
    obtained in a single application.

  • Roof Top Coating

    Roof top environmental protection will be greatly enhanced. With Forever Bond’s more elastic cross linked
    structural properties, it is possible for the coating itself to bond with the material to form a tough, waterproof coating.

  • The Clear Choice

    Current and historical testing of product formulations exhibit superior characteristics for elongation, durability, abrasion resistance,
    cure times and ease of application making Forever Bond™ a clear choice to be used for architectural shapes and sign construction.

   Keep it Clean, Go Green!
Forever Bond™ has no VOCs.