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Forever Bond Marine

ALL Fiberglass hulls, steel hulls !

Flexibility:  Forever Bond Marine is formulated with elongation properties of 570%.  With a standard hardness of 55 shore D (which can be increased) it makes Forever Bond Marine aa great candidate as a hard but and flexible barrier coating for steel and fiberglass boat hulls. Forever Bond spec (here).

Perm rates, Waterproofing! (a measurement of water penetration):
Epoxies: .05 one coat multiple coats .04
Forever Bond: .03 @60 mils.

Forever Bond surface prep requires sandblasting of steel hulls. (see Spec here) Fiberglass requires either media sandblasting, sanding, or other methods to prep the hull, as you would for an epoxy product.

The epoxies currently being used are applied in multiple coats. It is necessary to allow each coat to dry before applying the next application. It should be noted that epoxies are dependent on weather and temperature to cure properly. This process is costly and time consuming. As many as three coats or more are recommended. Labor and time money!

After prep, Forever Bond may be coated to the desired thickness in one continual process. Forever Bond starts to cure in as little as 10 seconds.  It is a tenacious product and finishes in one unified, monolithic encapsulating surface.

You can literally spray the hull in the AM and apply the final anti-fowling product in the afternoon.  This will save time and money for the yard as well as for the customer on the yard!

Osmosis: It is known that epoxies become brittle and can crack over time. It is our opinion that epoxy layering, and cracking are allowing water to seep between layers and through microfractures to the steel or fiberglass. Most larger boats can create hull pressures up to 200 lbs. per sq. inch. Not to mention the vibration and squirming a boat hull cand do to accelerate the process. It would not take long to penetrate a microfracture.

  • Forever Bond™

    Forever Bond™ is a two-component, aromatic polyurea spray elastomer. This 100% solids, NON VOC, plural spray system
    provides an abrasive and chemical resistant, monolithic membrane which will cure in seconds. High film builds can be
    obtained in a single application.

  • Expanded Polystyrene, Concrete, or Steel

    For the steel hull of your tug, barge, or floating piers made of concrete or EPS, Forever Bond™ creates a high performance coating that is highly resistant to abrasion, chemical erosion, and the weather.  It out performs any other coating you can apply in a marine environment making it a smart economic choice.

  • The Clear Choice

    Current and historical testing of product formulations exhibit superior characteristics for elongation, durability, abrasion resistance,
    cure times, and ease of application making Forever Bond™ a clear choice for marine applications. It is waterproof, shrink proof, and
    can be applied without a primer in any weather.

All of our products are specifically tailored to meet customer applications.

   Keep it Clean, Go Green!
Forever Bond™ has no VOCs.